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  1. gvg Senior Member

    ¿Masectomía o mastectomía, o ninguna de las dos?
  2. Sofia29 Senior Member

    Argentina - Spanish
    mastectomía.(De masto- y -ectomía).1. f. Med. Ablación quirúrgica de la mama.
  3. gvg Senior Member

    Perfecto. Mil gracias
  4. Mateland Senior Member

    English USA
    Does anyone know what this is in Spanish. All I know in English is that it is a surgery that women have.

    Help..., it's not in the dictionary. Thanks.
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  5. ines

    ines Senior Member

    Argentina - Español
    En castellano se dice "mastectomía", y es la operación (cirugía) de las mamas. :eek:
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  6. qbnaenmiami Senior Member

    Miami, Florida
    U.S. Spanish and English

    It is the removal of the entire breast(s) as opposed to Lumpectomy which is the removal of part of the breast

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