Master for Domestic Relations Causes

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  1. LouZoo

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    Colombia Spanish
    Good morning, Foreros.
    I can't figure out how to translate into Spanish following title in a Judgement of Absolute Divorce:
    "Master for Domestic Relations Causes". Any suggestions?

    ________ para Asuntos de Relaciones Domésticas.

    Gracias por su ayuda.
  2. Tochka Senior Member

    I don't practice in family law, but perhaps information on the general use of masters will help?
    In US law (and perhaps in UK also) a "master" is someone with special knowledge about the field who is appointed "to assist in specific judicial duties as may arise in the case", according to Black's Law Dictionary, 5th edition. It goes on:
    There can also be a "special master," which is "A master appointed to act as the representative of the court in some particular act or transaction...." (Id.).

    This site may be somewhat helpful, it mentions what family law masters do in Arizona.

    If you don't hear from anyone with better information, I wonder if "maestro" would work, or if that would run the risk of being mistaken for an academic degree or a status of law professor....
  3. LouZoo

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    Colombia Spanish
  4. LouZoo

    LouZoo Senior Member

    Colombia Spanish
    Thank you for your information, Tochka.
  5. Tochka Senior Member

    You're very welcome. I hope it helps.

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