Master the key VS Grasp the key

Dennis Lee

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Hong Kong
Hi all! I have a question.

A: Master The Key To Self Motivation
B: Grasp The Key To Self Motivation

They are easy to understand, but which one is more natural? And how do natives say it? Feel free to speak your mind. I need your help.:D
  • sdgraham

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    USA English
    The seem like marketing slogans for one form or another of "pop psychology."

    To me, whether either is "natural" depends upon whether one is attuned to such things. (I am not)

    If the answer is ÿes," I guess one is as good as the other. (Just speaking my mind.:rolleyes::rolleyes:)

    Popular psychology (sometimes shortened as pop psychology or pop psych) is the concepts and theories about human mental life and behavior that are purportedly based on psychology and that find credence among and pass muster with the populace. The concept is cognate with the human potential movement of the 1950s and 1960s.

    The term "pop psychologist" can be used to describe authors, consultants, lecturers, and entertainers who are widely perceived as being psychologists, not because of their academic credentials, but because they have projected that image or have been perceived in that way in response to their work.
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