masz fajki na zbyciu na import do zalatwienia

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I don't understand this sentence, that somebody has sent to me (no context). Thanks for helping.
  • mietagosia

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    Poland, Polish
    Hey! The sentence is quite colloquial. It literally says:
    "Do you have some spare cigarettes to import that can be arranged."

    But, the sender of the message doesn't make clear whether you are supposed to arrange the cigarettes or he is going to arrange the import. I guess he's telling you to come up with some spare cigarettes and he'll arrange the rest (that would be more logical). Maybe you'll get the context cause you probably had some deal with him ;-).

    Also (maybe you'll find it interesting):
    fajki = Polish slang word for cigarettes ("fajki" literally means "pipes", eg fajka wodna = waterpipe).

    Hope you found this helpful ;)

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