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Hello everyone!

I am reading a vendor agreement and one word "mat pour" in the following sentences is hard to understand for me;

"Minimum lead time does not apply in situations where tank capacity and usage require more frequent deliveries. Examples include high volume projects such as paving, mat pours, etc."

I could not find useful information about "mat pour".
Google pictures show me some constructions sites, and I found some websites regarding concrete chemicals.
I do not understand what "mat pour" is.

Can anyone tell me the details of "mat pour"?
I need specifics.

  • supercub

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    It is a company selling chemical products, I cannot be sure what kind of agreement it is.
    The shipment is from the U.S.A.

    It seems like the link you introduce me can help me to identify the term. I will read it carefully.

    Thank you!
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