matchmaker with unmatched enthusiasm.

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What does it mean by " matchmaker with unmatched enthusiasm" in the following sentence?

people always say I have the most fun job in the world and I do, says Mary, a matchmaker with unmatched enthusiasm.
  • Blumengarten

    Senior Member
    America / English
    A matchmaker is a person who matches unmarried people up, so they can get married.

    Unmatched enthusiasm means that there is nobody who is more enthusiastic than her.

    Old Novice

    Senior Member
    USA, English
    A "matchmaker" helps people who want to find spouses to find each other, or helps one person who hires her to find a spouse. "Unmatched enthusiasm" literally means no one else is as enthusiastic about her job as she is. Of course, the way the sentence is phrased is really is just a play on the words, "matchmaker" and "unmatched." "With unmatched enthusiasm" in practice simply means, "who is very enthusiastic".
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