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  1. Andréstable Banned

    Hi there, I'm wondering how to say general math operations in spanish.

    For example,

    two plus two is four
    eight minus ten is negative-two
    ten times eighteen is one hundred eighty
    eighteen divided by ten is one-point-eight, or nine fifths.

    this is my guess:
    dos más dos es cuatro
    ocho menos diez es... (i have no idea how to say negative)
    and as for multiplication and division, i just don't have a clue

    also, if you have any more complicated math operations in spanish that you know how to do, i'd love to hear about them.
  2. AJGP Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Spanish, Colombia
    dos mas dos es cuatro

    ocho menos diez es menos dos

    diez por dieciocho es ciento ochenta

    dieciocho dividido por diez es uno punto ocho ó nueve quintos
    dieciocho entre diez es uno punto ocho ó nueve quintos
  3. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    You are right with the first ones.

    dos más dos es cuatro:tick:
    ocho menos diez es...:tick: usually we say menos dos (-2) for the result.
    ten times eighteen is one hundred eighty diez por dieciocho o diez veces dieciocho (although this last one sounds a little old-fashioned)

    eighteen divided by ten is one-point-eight, or nine fifths.
    ocho entre diez or ocho didvidido entre diez.

    8 When it is represented this way we usually say ocho sobre diez.
  4. funnydeal Senior Member

    Mexico, D.F.
    Mexico / Español
    dos más dos igual a cuatro

    ocho menos diez igual a... menos dos

    diez veces dieciocho igual a ciento ochenta
    (if it is a multiplication we say "diez por dieciocho igual a ciento ochenta"

    dieciocho entre diez igual a uno punto ocho

    You can also change "igual a" for "son/es"
  5. Tadeo Senior Member

    Español (México)
    In this thread (post number two) you'll find the names in spanish for the four basic math operations.

    Hope it helps.
  6. Huertano New Member

    Murcia, España
    Español, España
    Hello Andréstable.

    Negative numbers are said this way: "menos uno, menos dos,..."
    Multiplication: "dos por tres son seis"
    Division: "ocho entre cuatro son dos", or "ocho partido por cuatro son dos"

    What other operations do you want to learn in Spanish?
  7. Andréstable Banned

    muchísimas gracias! does anyone know any more complicated math terminology? for example,

    10^2, or 8^4. (ten to the 2nd [10 squared] or 8 to the fourth). Is there a term like "squared" for ^2 or "cubed" for ^3?

    what about "the square root of 3"?
    or "log of 12"
    how would you say this math sentence:

    y=12x^2 + 5x
  8. AJGP Senior Member

    Puerto Rico
    Spanish, Colombia
    squared is cuadrado and cubed is cubo
    10^2 diez al cuadrado or diez a la dos ( I'd prefer the first one)
    10^3 diez al cubo or diez a la tres ( I'd prefer the first one)
    If the exponent is greater than three, i'd say
    8^4 ocho a la cuatro
    8^5 ocho a la cinco

    the square root of 3= raiz cuadrada de tres
    log of 12= logaritmo en base diez de doce
    ln of 12= logaritmo natural de doce

    y=12x^2 + 5x = ye es igual a doce equis al cuadrado mas cinco equis.

    I hope this helps you
  9. funnydeal Senior Member

    Mexico, D.F.
    Mexico / Español
    10^2 diez al cuadrado
    8^4 ocho a la cuarta potencia
    ^3 al cubo

    the square root of 3 = raíz cuadrada de 3

    y=12x^2 + 5x

    y igual a doce por x al cuadrado más 5 por x
  10. Andréstable Banned

    wow, i didn't expect such an in depth reply. thanks a lot. i'm going to write that down in my calculus book and use it in class. lol. the teacher is my cousin. it's a blast. we're both huge nerds, my favorite class.
  11. guixe13 Senior Member

    si, 10 ^ 2 se dice: 10 al cuadrado o 10 elevado a 2 y 10^3 se dice 10 al cubo o 10 elevado a la 3 o simplemente : diez a la 3.

    The square root of 3 it would be: la raíz cuadrada de 3

    The last one i did not understand

    Was it what you wanted? Bye
  12. guixe13 Senior Member

    F**k! he escrito demasiado lento! XD
  13. Andréstable Banned

    yes, thanks!

    this one is kinda out there, but what about the cube root?

    would it be "la raíz cuba de x" for "cbrt(x)"?

    and this one may be even more out there...

    sin(x), cos(x), tan(x), csc(x), sec(x), cot(x)?
    how to write it would be beautiful, but if you knew how to pronounce it, i'd love you. and actually, i'm kinda betting that it's written the same.
  14. funnydeal Senior Member

    Mexico, D.F.
    Mexico / Español
    raíz cúbica de




    csc(x), sec(x), cot(x)
    I don't remember I should get back to secondary school
  15. Andréstable Banned

    well i just tried the dictionary here and got all the same, additionally "secante" but nothing for cosecant or cotangent. but it probably just follows a pattern the others do, "cosecante" and "cotangente"

    once again, thanks. and if anybody has any other random math-related terminology or math stuff they want to add, i'm on the edge of my seat here.
  16. Maria Maryland New Member

    I can help you with a couple more
    csc(x)= cosecante
    cot(x)= cotangente
    sec(x)= secante
  17. oxi

    oxi Member

    Spanish, Spain
    I believe in spain its said "uno coma ocho" instead of "uno punto ocho", since we use commas to separate decimals and dots for thousands.
  18. carguelles New Member

    Spanish Peru
    Here are some other terms:

    x^y : equis a la ye, or , equis a la y-esima potencia
    (a+b)^2 : binomio al cuadrado
    ax^3+bx^2+cx+d: polinomio de tercer grado

    polinomio : polinomial , grado: degre =degre(POL)

    The hiperbolic functions:

    sinh(x)=senh(x) : senohiperbólico de x
    cosh(x)=cosh(x) : cosenohiperbólico de x
    tanh(x)=tanh(x)=tgh(x) : tangentehiperbólica de x
    sech(x)=sech(x) : secantehiperbólica de x
    csch(x) : cosecantehiperbólica de x
    ctanh(x)=ctgh(x) : cotangentehiperbólica de x

    x! = factorial (english) : factorial (spanish) , is the same
  19. abeltio Senior Member

    Spanish, Argentina
    En Argentina:

    la división es: x dividido y
    la multiplicación es: x por y
    la potenciación es: x^y "x" elevado a la "y"...
    y se usa: x al cuadrado, al cubo, a la cuarta, quinta, sexta, séptima, octava, novena.
    Al menos en Argentina, el uso para la potencia 10 o mayores se dice: a la 10, a la 11, a la 12, etc en lugar de usar el ordinal (décima, undécima, etc)
    es más fácil.

    Por ejemplo (recordando la Universidad): el número de Avogadro 6,023 x 10^23 se lee: seis coma veintitrés por diez a la veintitrés.

    1/2 un medio, 1/3 un tercio, 1/4 un cuarto, 1/5 un quinto, un sexto, un séptimo, un octavo, un noveno, un décimo, un onceAVO, un doceAVO...
    un noventa y nueve avo, un centésimo (1/100), un cientounavo (1/101), un novecientos noventa y nueve avo, un milésimo (1/1000)

    PD: fact(ó)rial in english, factori(á)l in spanish

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