Mathematical terms: 'Expand'/'distribute' and 'factor'


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Mathematical terms: 'Expand'/'distribute' and 'factor'

I've never studied math in the English language. And now I'm taking a calculus class, and I have a little problem with some basic terms.

Do 'Expand' and 'Distribute' mean the same ?

lets say : 2x(2x+5)=> expanding : 4x^2 +10x.

Is What I just did called expansion/ distribution ?

And If I have 4x^2+10x and I 'factor'/'factorize'/'take out common factors', I get => 2x(2x+5).

I think I need only these terms straightenedout, all the others seem to be similar in Hebrew.

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    The full name for the Distributive property is really The Distributive Property of Multiplication over Addition, so you have correcrly distributed 2x over (2x+5) in your example. I only remember 'expansion' as referring to problems like this: 245=2+(4x10)+(5x10^2), but it's been a long time since I studied math, so maybe distribution is also called expansion sometimes. You have also correctly factored the example where you pull out a common 2x and make it a factor in the product 2x(2x+5). I have never heard it called 'factorizing', but then again, it's been a long time... I hope this helps.
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