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Hi everbody!

I've just seen in an article about "La dolce vita" movie that Marcello Mastroianni was considered: an established matinee idol in Italy.
I can't understand what they want to mean with this expression. Can anybody help me to try to translate it into italian?
Maybe, that he becames famous thanks to this movie, so a sort of new idol?
Thank you so much.
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    Siccome "matinèe" è la proiezione pomeridiana di un film, o la recita pomeridiana in teatro, d'istinto avrei pensato che la frase volesse dire che i film di Mastroianni (e di conseguenza lui) avessero un notevole successo in tali proiezioni, e col pubblico che le frequentava.
    Poi però ho scoperto che The Matinee Idol era un film di Frank Capra di fine anni '20 che parlava della storia d'amore tra un attore in incognito ed una donna, per cui mi verrebbe da dire che è una sorta di citazione...
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    Questo dice Wikipedia:

    Matinée Idol is a term used mainly to describe film or theatre stars who are adored to the point of adulation by their fans.
    The term almost exclusively refers to male actors. Invariably the adulation was fixated on the actor's looks rather than performance. It differs from "sex symbol" (and is also faintly derogatory) in that it suggests the star's popularity came from the afternoon Matinée performances rather than the "big picture" evenings and, hence, a less discriminating audience.
    Now a somewhat old-fashioned term, the phenomenon reached its height during the period from the 1930s to around the 1960s, a period extending from the beginning of the "talkies" to the development of pop culture. As a concept it was supplanted by the more music-led term, "teen idol."