mating or breeding season?

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    Hello everybody

    The spring is the breeding/mating season. A time at which , animals have sexual intercourse frequently.

    Which one is the correct answer? I think the second one is correct but I'm not sure.

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    Generally, one refers to the mating season. Breeding is often the result of mating, of course.
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    Yes, the common term in English is "mating season". "Breeding" is more usually used when humans are involved (no silly comments, please :p) - i.e. farmers or dog breeders are choosing the time when it happens, and which animals, though the act is still known as mating.
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    Either seems fine to me, all depending what animal you are talking about. You gavee us no useful. context.
    "They breed only once a year, in spring". Of course the animals have to mate first. It seems to me that the information is about how often and when certain animals usually produce young. Mating itself doesn't always produce young. Birds are very different from pandas or orangutans. Humans do not have a breeding season.
    Animals 'mate': humans have 'sexual intercourse', especially in courts of law.

    With a full context
    , it would be much easier to advise you.

    Humans 'breeding' animals is another meaning and use of 'to breed'. (I hope that's not a 'silly' comment.)

    (Please note that a comma is wrong after 'which' in 'A time at which , animals have sexual intercourse frequently.)
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