matricularse en un colegio

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  1. paganpoetrynat Member

    Chile Spanish
    hola a todos
    podrian ayudareme porfavor con esta frase
    -él se matriculó en el Colegio Carolino.
    -he enregistered into Corolino's School?
    muchas gracias
  2. mirrorjane Member

    USA, English
    "He registered at Carolino School" (or high school, depending on the age of the students)
  3. fuzzzylogix

    fuzzzylogix Senior Member

    aspacameur/english 1st, spanish 2nd
    or, He's enrolled at Carolino School.
  4. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Yes, "enrolled" is much better.

    You enroll at a school, college, or university.
    You enroll in the army.
    You register to vote.
    You register your car.

    Well, that's at least what we say in the USA. Perhaps an English speaker from former British Somaliland might disagree.

  5. parhuzam Senior Member

    Los Angeles,CA
    Hola Zumac

    Re: You enroll in the army ? You must mean enlist or sign up.

    Not from Somaliland... but Xanadú...

  6. paganpoetrynat Member

    Chile Spanish
    thanks a lot zumac you really help me!!!
  7. zumac Senior Member

    Mexico City
    USA: English & Spanish
    Your right, "enlist in the army" is the more common term. But "enroll" is also used. Maybe I was thinking of enrolling in the Xanadú army.


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