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  • powerhousebridge

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    Matter for press release anouncing the last date of submitting the expenditure details of candidates to General Election2015 is forwarded herewith and request you to make necessary arrangements for publishing the same in all leading news papers tomarrow itself.
    This is a letter to a District information officer.


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    Thank you for providing the complete sentence.

    I still am not sure what you mean by "matter for press release". Is this note supposed to accompany the press release, or are you sending information that other people will use to write a press release?


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    Powerhouse, speaking as someone who has prepared such material for the media: In AE, the announcement itself is called a news release. Such items were formerly called "press releases", but for a long time (at least 50 years, perhaps more) they've been called news releases, since they go not only to the press (print media) but to broadcast and other media as well. We don't use cover letters; we simply send the news item. And we don't tell editors to make arrangements to publish it, since we expect they will know what to do with a piece of news.
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