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Privet, Privet.

During my learning with my Russian Book, I've learnt lots of words, and what I didn't know before, it is that some words' pronunciation can change according to accents. In my books the first chapters, they mention with an accent that the word change.

Such as : хорошo = karacho прямо = Priama справочное бюро = Spravatchnaîé biouro. Today I found out a new word in a song : слышно = slyshna I can suppose the accent is y. But not really sure

and there are lots more ^^ but I'd love to know the rule, because in my book it is really short explanation. (I think I should buy a Russian Grammar Book, definitely) But I notice when there's an accent all voyels change in a word. and I'm very curious to know, How to guess if there's an "accent or not, because my book mention it, but in reality there's no accent in Russian... So how to know if there's an accent ?

Many many thanks for your invaluable help
  • morzh

    Stresses are very hard to explain.

    I would say, practice and listen, and it will come to you.
    This is what I myself would never try to figure out on the rules' basis.
    Spoken practice to me is THE solution.
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