Max, taken aback, allowed as how they were probably not

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I am not really sure what the following sentence in bold means. Max was surprised, why, though....
Please, could you help anyone?
Thanks a lot:)

G.M.Malliet: Wicked autumn

"Death in the family," she says. Wanda Sniffed. It was clear that no death in Mrs. Percy's tribe would be cause for proctracted sorrow. "That could wait, couldn't it?" she demanded. "I mean, they' re not going to get warmer if she drops everything and races to the bedside, are they?"
Max, taken aback, allowed as how they probably were not.
"Still nothing...?" WAnda blared.
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    Max was a bit shocked, but agreed that the dead person would not get any warmer if Mrs. Percy raced to his/her bedside.


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    I agree with Florentia: "allowed as how" is dialectal/non-standard English for "agreed that" ....
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