maximum hoogte


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Hello everybody,

In Dutch, how would you tell a driver arriving somewhere "You haven’t got enough headroom to get through there", when you see his/her camper-van can't get through and that it’s obvious there will be a big scratch ?

Er is niet genoeg hoofdruimte om te passen. De maximum hoogte hier is (x) m

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  • I'd spell it "maximumhoogte" or "maximale hoogte". I would think we would go for paraphrases:
    "U kunt er niet onder door"
    "U kunt daar niet voorbij; er is niet genoeg ruimte voor het dak van uw auto"
    "De poort is te laag - of uw dak is te hoog"

    I wonder if there are standard phrases to refer to that...
    "U kunt er niet onderdoor" or "het past niet" would be my phrase of choice.
    By the way, "hoofdruimte" is not valid in this context, and neither is "headroom", I think.