may be shifting into a nely framented regime from...

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kazuhiko fudaba

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In the article of the Washington Post:Amazon fires could accelerate global warming and cause lasting harm to a cradle of biodiversity, there are sentenses as followas. The fires have covered the Brazilian city of San Paulo in dark smoke, and are raising concerns that the rainforest, which is one of the most biologically diverse regions on Earth, may be shifting into a newly fragmented regime from land-clearing operations and other activities intended to transform the land for agricultural use.

Question ) What does the bold phrase "shifting into a newly fragmented regime from land-clearing operations" mean, especially fragmented regime?

Thank you in advance.
Kazu Fudaba
  • Uncle Jack

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    I have looked at the original article ( to see if explained the use of "regime"; it does not.

    While I cannot say why the writer chose this word (which does not fit in any way that I can see), the meaning is clear. The Amazon rainforest may be becoming fragmented from land-clearing operations. "Shift" is just an alternative word for "change".


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    It means that instead of one unbroken mass of forest, the Amazon may become become broken up into scattered fragments surrounded by fields and clearings.


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    Environmental regimes are systems or agreements (between nations, for instance) for managing aspects of the environment or improving its health and/or stability. It sounds as though the writer has transferred the meaning from the system that attempts to oversee the environment to the environment itself.
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