May I ask how do you do this?


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May I ask how do you do this?
May I ask how you do this?

Since the first part is a question phrase, should or shouldn't the second part in the question form?
  • dojibear

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    There are not two parts. It is all one sentence, one question:

    2. May I ask how you do this?
    Literally, you are asking whether you can ask this.

    However in spoken English, it is quite common to say "May I ask..." and then ask a question. In that case the second part (the question) is in normal question form ("how do you do this?"). But how do you write this correctly, in written English? The only way I know is correct is this:

    3. May I do you do this?

    If there are other correct written forms (for this exact series of words), I don't know them. But maybe someone else can help.
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