May I offer you something to drink after the concert?

Discussion in '日本語 (Japanese)' started by Mags70, Jun 17, 2013.

  1. Mags70 New Member

    Hello everybody,

    What is the most polite way to say : May I offer you a thank you drink after the concert please?

    Can you also please add the pronunciation? the guy in question is nearly 70!!! so I guess I will need to be very very polite :)

    Thank you
  2. nagoyano Senior Member

    Konsaato-no ato, nomimono-wa ikaga desuka?
  3. Mags70 New Member


    Arigato gozaimasu :)
  4. jamesh625

    jamesh625 Senior Member

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    「コンサートの後で、お飲み物はいかがですか」 if you wanted the Japanese. I would have used でしょうか instead of ですか but they both work. :)

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