May I write 18000 in a western way in Japanese

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I know that 18000 in Japanese is 一万八千 (いちまんはっせん).
Nevertheless, Japanese language is very plastic and there are different ways to write the same numeral in Japanese and it's not only due to different yomi.
The question: May I write 18000 in a western way 十八千 (じゅうはちせん) in lyrics for example?
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    No you can't. Numbers in Japanese are solidly named with the group of 10 to the power of 4's. While financial reports can declare figures by units, thousands, or millions of yen, the second option is not how people speak. Grouping with 10 to the power of 3 is dangerously close to that with 10^4. If you write lyrics, you need to be understood by common people.

    Incidentally, if you are interested in reading financial reports, the standard notation is Arabic numerals followed by 千円 in Chinese characters. E.g., 18千円.


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    May I write 18000 in a western way 十八千 (じゅうはちせん) in lyrics for example?

    That would probably be nearly as confusing to a Japanese as saying "one ten-thousand and eight thousand" would be to an American.

    Why do you want to write it that way in your lyrics?

    By the way, if it existed, 十八千 would be pronounced not as じゅうはちせん but as じゅうはっせん.