may indicate lowered activity of the cuproenzyme, lysyl oxidase


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Again from Introduction of Human Nutrition

"Among the more promising are erythrocyte superoxide dismutate activity, platelet cytochrome c oxidase.............urinary pyrimidium cross-links of collagen (may indicate lowered activity of the cuproenzyme, lysyl oxidise) and various immunological measures."
Just want to make sure if "the cuproenzyme" is "lysyl oxidase." And is there any difference if the comma is left out (...lowered activity of the cuproenzyme lysyl oxidase) ?

Thanks a lot in advance
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    I think you need advice from a biochemist rather than a linguist, but some references state that lysil oxidase is a cuproenzyme, which implies there are others. If that is the case the comma looks like a mistake.

    Added: Also I found this statement: 'Dopamine mono-oxygenase is one of the cuproenzymes that is dysfunctional in Menkes' disease'
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