May this scar remind me of what I'm capable of, in times when I forget

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  1. Anthony_88 New Member

    Can someone please translate this into proper Japanese and have it make sense...

    "May this scar remind me of what I'm capable of, in times when I forget"

    I am half Japanese, and am also a cancer survivor. ALL leukimia 97-06 chemo and BMT. I'm looking for a quote to tat over a scar left on my chest. id like to surround it with an inspirational message and image. I'm browsing through messages and pics. if you know any other similar strong japanese quotes id appreciate them...i tried using google translate but if I back translate I get a completely different message with words I didn't use...
    thx for your time
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  2. frequency

    frequency Senior Member

    Tokyo, Japan

    Mine is too plain, not cool. I'm not good at something poetic..Do you all have any better idea, making the sentence cooler?

    Anthony_88, do you need 'in times when I forgot'? If so, I add later.
  3. Tonky Senior Member

    I'm not really a poet either, but, I'd say...
    忘れそうな時も、この傷が己の可能性を思い出さんことを。(祈る is omitted.)​
    (The first line is more casual, plain and polite in a way. the second one is more literary-ish.)

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