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Hi Everybody! I was trying to translate "May flower" but everything I found is related to the English ship called Mayflower (메이플라워호) . Obviously It's not what I meant to find lol I'm trying to translate mayflower as "flower that blooms in may" actually... I really hope to find an answer because I'm trying to give a good translation to a text that means a lot to me! Thank you! :)
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    Litterally it should be "5月의 꽃", and that's very neutral in itself and a bit dull to some extent. (unless you are the one who appreciate May and flowers)

    I am wondering whether Englsih(or Italian) speaking people can easily designate one flower from "May flower". I just googled but could not do so.
    If not, why don't you designate certain characteristics to your "May flower" first. (such attributes as color, smell, feeling, blooming, suave, fresh, throbbing, light, or relative importance b/w May and flower, etc.)

    You may add an adjective to "5月의 꽃".
    ex) 싱그러운 5월의 꽃, 계절의 여왕 5월에 피어나는 꽃, 5월과 함께 만개하는 꽃, 화사한 5월의 꽃, 5월에 만나는 꽃, etc.