1. peluchon Senior Member

    At home
    en una conversasción casual:
    - I bought a 2 liters BMW last year
    - Really? my car "tiene mayor cilindrada" (es decir, su automovil puede ser 2.5 o 3 o 3.5 centrímetros cubicos, etc, etc)
    como diría "mayor cilindrada", "more cubic capacity"???
  2. Dlyons

    Dlyons Senior Member

    English - Ireland

    cilindrada = "cylinder capacity"
  3. Babaramzi Member

    Washington State, USA
    USA English
    If I were writing this dialog I'd say:
    "I bought a 2 liter BMW last year," (note que "2 liter" funciona aquí como adjectivo y no se necesita que el sustantivo sea plural. Lo sé, lo sé parece raro)
    "Really, my car has an even bigger displacement. ("displacement" refiere a la cilindrada) But what I'd really write is:
    Really, my car has an even bigger engine. "Displacement" is more a technical term for the engine size in c.c.
  4. peluchon Senior Member

    At home
    If I want to sound "technician" then I would have to use displacement, righ?
    Thanks a lot

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