me and Fenster heard about

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We've all been put out by this whole thing,right? I figure we owe it to ourselves to salvage a little dignity.Now, me and Fenster heard about a little job.
American movie: The Unusual Suspects

Is it usual for native speakers say "me and someone did something", instead of "I and Fenster heard about" ?

Thank you!
  • entangledbank

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    Yes. Most people say 'Me and Fenster did it', or 'Fenster and me did it'. No-one says (or writes) 'I and Fenster did it'. Some people, including most of the people who will answer you on this forum, say 'Fenster and I did it', in that order, and we recommend you say and write this. But it is not how most people speak.


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    British English
    It's common, colloquial, ungrammatical English. The grammatical version is not "I and Fenster heard about a little job." it is "Fenster and I heard about a little job."
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