Me asuste mucho.

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  1. mai_rom Member

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    Quiero poner esto:

    Un día nosotros estabamos cenando cuando un pajaro entro en la terraza, yo me asuste mucho.

    he puesto:

    One day we were having dinner when a bird came in the terrace I got frightened so much

    ESta bien??
  2. Aidanriley

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    I would say:
    We were having dinner one day and a bird flew into/in the terrace. It startled me quite a bit.

    Scare and frighten have a "darker" tone to them. For example, you get scared/frightened while watching a scary movie, or if someone chases you with a knife. Birds aren't particularly scary, but they can startle you, which is more like "surprise".

    By the way, correct grammar (accents etc.) is required on this forum.
  3. mai_rom Member

    español y catalán
    Muchas gracias y perdón por no seguir las reglas ortográficas.

  4. SydLexia Senior Member

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    UK English
    I think you can say: "it gave me a real fright/scare" and that this use of the noun 'compartmentalises' the idea and makes it more like a 'susto' than the deeper terror of the verb forms.


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