me confronter à son style

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  1. Hello / bonsoir,
    I'm looking for the best way to translate "me confronter à son style" into English. The only thing I can think of is "tackle" - I was delighted to tackle his style. But I feel it might sound a bit rough. Do native speakers of French think that it might mean something like "try my hand at his style" "try playing his style" "have a go at playing in his style"? Thanks for your ideas!

    Context: Concernant le quintette du compositeur, il s’agit également de l’une des premières œuvres du compositeur que j’ai eu l’occasion de jouer, j’étais donc ravi de me confronter à son style.
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    Yep, he was happy to take up that challenge, what he saw as a challenge anyhow.
  3. Great - thanks Esperluète!
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    'to come to grips with'?

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