Me confundí contra Estoy confundida

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    I was talking with a friend of mine from México tonight and when I said "ya estoy confundida" she corrected me . . "me confundí" . . and we were wondering what is the difference. I meant to save her messages and list them here because it was actually for her request that I am posting here. She said that when it happens in that moment . . you would say "Me confundí."

    I am in no way questioning her expertise because she is a very intelligent woman and quite educated in English, but . .this is my take on these two expressions.

    Me confundí== It confused me

    Estoy confundida==I am confused

    Is there a shading in the translation?

    Thank you very much for your time!!!
  2. Lules Senior Member

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    For something that happens in that moment, in Latin America they use the simple past (pretérito indefinido): "me confundí", while in Spain we mainly use the present perfect (pretérito perfecto): "me he confundido"

    Me confundí: I just made an error, I'm wrong
  3. Shakti Su Member

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    My suggestion:

    Me confundí = I was wrong (when you make a mistake on a particular matter or action).
    Estoy confundida = I am confused (I think it means more a state of confusion).

    Hope this helps.

  4. LaReinita

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    Entonces . . Estoy confundida==I am (still) confused?????
  5. smekera Member

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    My opinion is that:

    When you use "Me confundí", you are saying that you made a confusion about something. For example: "I thought that was Jake. I was wrong - I got confused". - My mistake, I am the source of making this confusion

    And when you use "Estoy confundida", you are actually saying something like "I'm lost", "I'm not sure" - the action depends on external sources.

    I'm not sure I've explained myself correctly, nor do I know if my explanation is perfectly correct - but with all that I hope it helps ;-)

    See you
  6. carzante

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    Estoy confundida = 1) I am confused or perplexed, it's equivalent to "estoy confusa". 2) I am wrong (now).
    Me he confundido (Spain) = I just made an error
    Me confundí = I made an error

    Some people (in Northern Spain and in some countries of America) tends to use "pretérito perfecto simple (indefinido)" instead of "pretérito perfecto compuesto".

    Saludos, LaReinita
  7. LaReinita

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    East Coast, USA
    USA (Northeast Coast)-Inglés
    ¡Gracias Carzante por tu respuesta! . . ¡Me has aclarado mis dudas!

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