me da mala espina


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Argentina, Spanish
Hi! How can I say "me da mala espina" in English?

It´s a an idiomatic expression which means that you don´t like somebody because you have an intuition that there is something wrong or evil about this person.

  • silver.pony

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    Hmm... this is the best I can come up with right now:
    "There is something odd about him/her"
    "I have a bad feeling about him/her"

    If you wanted to say that you couldn't figure out what was wrong with someone, you would say...
    "I can't put my finger on it"

    I hope that helps!


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    Argentina, Spanish
    Thanks a lo!

    One question: "I can´t put my finger on it", I don´t know if I got the meaning, so, is it like saying "No puedo darme cuenta de qué es exactamente" ?


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    Sí, mooonlight, esa definición es correcta. Y también para 'me da mala espina' se puede decir 'he makes me feel uneasy' o 'I don't know about him' (con un tono sarcástico).


    Y cuando lo que da mala espina es algo, por ejemplo una encerrona, o un examen cambiado de fecha, el retraso de un tren etc... con significado de tengo sospechas.
    How about "He/She makes my skin crawl".

    This is a strong statement about having the intuition that someone is evil or perverse.

    Since "espinas" references thorns or prickles, I think the above might be the closest idiomatic expression in English.