Me da pena contigo/me apena contigo

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    So earlier today I had some pizza and offered some to a guy. He accepted one piece, and then I asked if he wanted another. He had already eaten, and said either ''me da pena contigo'' or ''me apena contigo''.

    Does ''me da pena contigo'' mean something very different than ''me apena contigo'', cause I can't see why me offering him pizza should have anything to do with feeling ashamed.
  2. lafemmejulieta

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    I think he used the expression "me da pena contigo" in the sense of feeling sorry for you because he was eating an extra slice of pizza when perhaps there wasn't enough pizza for both.
    The word pena in some countries means "embarrassment" and in other countries "feeling sorry for something/someone"
  3. Carlos Mx

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    If that was the case, he/she would have said: Tengo pena por ti: I'm sorry for you (not having enough pizza).

    In Mexico, "Me da pena contigo" used when someone offers you something is more a courtesy thing than actual shame, embarrassment or shyness. You must dismiss it accordingly: "No tengas pena" or "¿De qué?"

    - Te invito al cine
    - No, me da pena contigo
    - ¿De qué? Vamos.
    - Está bien, pero yo pago.
  4. mephistophillis

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    spanish argentine
    In Argentina would be: me da pena por vos...te vas a quedar sin comer otra porción!!I feel sorry for you(not shame or embarrased)

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