me estás sacando el cuerpo

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  1. criticalbeauties Member

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    A Puerto Rican friend of mine, whom I haven't written to in a while, wrote to me and said the following:

    "Por que ya no me hablas? Parece que me estas sacando el cuerpo??? Que he hecho yo para merecer esto????"

    What does "Parece que me estas sacando el cuerpo" mean????
  2. VenusEnvy

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    "Why aren't you talking to me anymore? It's like you're avoiding me. What have I done to deserve this?"

    Let's see what natives say, critical. :p

    Sacarle a alguien el cuerpo del DRAE
  3. criticalbeauties Member

    Philippines - Filipino
    thank you Venusenvy! Very colorful translation! :)
  4. lauranazario

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    I fully agree with Venus...

    parece que me estás sacando el cuerpo = seems you're trying to avoid me / seems you're avoiding me.


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