me estoy volviendo a enamorar


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This line is from the bridge to Juanes 'Gotas de agua dulce'. I found a translation online that renders it as "I am falling in love", but it seems to me more like "I am returning to win your heart" (yes, there's no object to "enamorar", but the context makes it clear he's talking to a woman.)

What am I missing?
  • Enamorar= to win the heart of
    Enamorarse= To fall in love with

    The first one is a transitive verb (requires a direct object). The second one is a pronominal (reflexive) verb.
    "To win the heart of" puede en efecto ser traducido como "enamorar" pero enamorar a alguien más, o bien, "ganar su corazón".