Me extraña, araña, que siendo mosca no me conozcas.

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  1. chusma Member

    hey guys,

    but i have racked my brains on trying to
    translate this myself using wordref definitions,
    but i'm thinking its a saying or expression
    that has no LITERAL translation.


    A (very close) friend has a room that he has to rent out.
    It will be free the same time i go to Spain.
    I got upset that he wanted to rent me the room rather than
    invite me to stay, as did all my OTHER friends
    because they simply want to spend time with me.
    when i confronted him with this
    one of his responses was this


    i have almost NO clue what
    he is trying to say.

    please help

    and thank you in advance :)
  2. Honeypum

    Honeypum Senior Member

    Madrid / Spain
    Hello.. that expression is very very very common in Argentina.. is he argentinian?

    The meaning is: "being who you are, it's amazing that you don't know how am I".. "I'm surprised that you don't know me"...

    Hope that helps.
  3. Bilma Senior Member

    Spanish Mexico
    It is something like.

    It is surprising that you still don't know how I am.
  4. chusma Member

    Oh my god YESSSS!!!

    he is totally Argentinian.
    so thank you........THANK you for the help.
    i had it so wrong.
  5. ffff1111

    ffff1111 Member

    Spanish Spain
    It must be a Argentine proverb. Here in Spain I never hear it... but sounds nice.
  6. Watch123 Senior Member

    Spanish & Valencian
    Oh yeah! hahaha... It sounds very funny for Spaniards. The first impression is like a children tale conversation... but then is like the moral of the story.
    In Spain, I think we haven't a fun way to say "Parece mentira que no me conozcas" as it seems to suits here...
  7. ORL Senior Member

    Otra es "vamos, somos pocos y nos conocemos mucho".
  8. ValeArg New Member

    OK I am argentinian, I was looking for another thing and I found your post by chance. You make me laught!
    "Me extraña araña, que siendo mosca no me conozca" is a very popular expression meaning exactly what you all have mentioned.
    I am sorry you have a friend like him/her... but not all argentinians are in that way...

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