Me gustaría/Quiero/Quisiera una cerveza.

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  1. racingsnake1904 Member

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    Hi. I hope someone can help me clear up a problem which is troubling to an English person. If you are ordering in a restaurant or a cafe, should you say 'Me gustaria una cerveza', 'Quiero una cerveza' or even 'Quisiera una cerveza.'? Obviously I could say 'Una cerveza por favor', but would like to sound a bit more fluent.
  2. Fernita

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    castellano de Argentina.
    "Quiero una cerveza, por favor" sounds natural and polite.

    If you add "por favor" to the other possibilities, they would be fine, too.

  3. Richard Pryor Senior Member

    Puerto Rico Spanish
    Me das una cerveza, por favor?

    Quiero una cerveza, por favor.

    Me gustaria una cerveza, por favor.

    It all depends on the question the waiter asks... example.

    Que desea, senor? Quisiera una cerveza, or Quiero una cerveza or Me gustaria una cerveza, or simply Una cerveza. All are acceptable and you won't sound like a turist if you say any of those unless you have an accent.


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