Me Hearty-pumping stunt

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What does Hearty-pumping mean in ? : Fans then breathed a sigh of relief after the Me Hearty-pumping stunt in Las Cruces New Mexico,US.

it's about a Air Show where a plane did a series of stunts _

And what does Me stand for ? Is it the Abbreviation for Messerschmitt ?

Thank you for your help
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    The "Me" doesn't seem to belong in the sentence. Also, "hearty-pumping" is not correct. The correct phrase would be "heart-pumping," which means that something is very exciting or suspenseful.


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    I am as baffled as you are.
    I can imagine a report that says "...after the heart-pumping stunt in Las Cruces..."
    That would mean a performance of aerobatics that is so exciting that it makes the spectator's heart beat faster.
    "Me Hearty" (for "my hearty"), in popular culture, is thought to be how the pirates of old addressed one another.
    For more on this, see the website about the celebration of an annual "Talk-Like-A-Pirate Day".
    I don't know what pirates have to do with aerobatics.


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    I think you got the answer right because the article starts like this : OFF Ya SKULL ! Talk about skill and cross-bones. Two pirates fight over some treasure_in mid air.

    ain't it funny a pirate used a Sabre in French(sword) so thank you Sabretooth and Cenzontle for answering so quickly


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    epg4 - In future please can you say where you found the text, who wrote it and, if possible give a link to it - thanks

    Having said that, Cenzontle has found the key. It's a mid-air pirate battle.

    Perhaps I should make clear that it's a play on words - not a very good one. As the others have pointed out:

    " hearty!.." a supposed form of address between old time pirates or sailors.

    "..heart- pumping..." exciting

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    sorry Biffo I got this Article from a paper THE SUN Monday, June 1, 2009 page 21 I do not think it would have been of any help,sorry to be a bother, I wouldn't want to be a thorn in your side so I don't think I will post other threads on this Forum

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