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"So tell me, who'd you rather (1)me be? The weak ones or the strong ones? You (2)want the (3)average perfect me (4)who is strong & weak @ right time.."

I saw this on twitter from a Singaporean but I don't really get what does it mean. I personally think that there's a major problem in the structure.
1. "me be"--> "I be"/"me become"?
2. "want" ---> "wanted". Is it correct if I change it? I think "wanted" would fit perfectly because he wanted the girl to change for him last time, but at present, he still wants the girl to change. Should I use past/present tense?
3. "Average perfect" is this phrase correct? To paraphrase it, it would mean normal and very good. But I saw people using it in articles "It's going to be another “pretty average perfect day."
4. I don't get what it means in this sentence. :confused:

Thanks for your help.
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    Welcome Complications. :)

    We ask that there be only one question for a thread. Rather than ask you to start four different threads, I will ask people to focus on your question about what this sentence means. The rest is useful as context:

    :arrow: Question for this thread:
    You (2)want the (3)average perfect me (4)who is strong & weak @ right time.."

    As for the first sentence:
    So tell me, who'd you rather (1)me be?
    I think the thread below may answer your question: 1. "me be"--> "I be"/"me become"?.If it doesn't please, please add your question to it.
    The thread agrees that 'I be' is grammatical here. (I would call it the subjunctive: in the thread it is called the 'bare infinitive'.) However, that sounds too formal for colloquial speech. Colloquially people often would use 'me'.
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