Me la pelas pinche pendejo de mierda

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  1. tommygun200 Banned

    Me la pelas pinche pendejo de mierda . vas Y chingas A tu puta madre pinche mama vergas .

    This is a irate message from a pissed off spanish guy from youtube on some comments I left that he obviously didn't like .

    My translation attempt is " I want to fight and bust you hard you piece of shit asshole . I'm going to fuck your whore mother hard with my cock .
  2. ilse001 Member

    Madrid, Spain.
    Spanish Spain
    I guess that the message wasn't left from someone from Spain, most likely from a mexican teenager.

    ¿Do you really need the translation? "Pelar" in this context is "masturbation" , "pendejo de mierda" is something like asshole. "Vas y chingas a tu puta madre" is go and fuck with your mother that is a hooker and "pinche mama vergas" is an asshole that use to sucks cocks.

    In addition, one advise, don't try to learn spanish from this kind of comments, lol.
  3. manxo Senior Member

    Galego y Castellano de España
    The sense is: You masturbate me, despicable, dumbass shitlike. Go and fuck your whore mother, despicable, person who suckles cocks.
  4. Punto Fijo Senior Member

    I agree with ilse001

    Do not learn spanish from this kind of comments.
    what that person said was very unpleasant to me.

    When people do not make room for god in their hearts, they make room for evil.
    Hope someone can help the person who made that comment.

    God bless you and all of us who participate in this forum.
  5. xxima New Member

    Catalan, Spanish (Spain)
    "you jerk me off fucking asshole, go and fuck your mother asshole cock-sucker"

    The guy, as said by ilse001, it's not spanish, this kind of "palabrotas" are more used America.
  6. Joaqin Senior Member

    Spanish – Colombia
    Do you and ilse001 mean that swearing words are less
    swearing in Spain, or perhaps that people in Spain
    swear less? I mean, what's your point precisely?
  7. ilse001 Member

    Madrid, Spain.
    Spanish Spain
    That we use different words. Words like "pinche" and "pendejo" are not in our "bad words dictionary".
  8. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    To my knowledge, nobody "masturbates" someone would be "jerk off", as in
    "You can jerk me off you dumbass piece of shit...go fuck your damn mother, you cocksucker."

    Also, I have never heard of anyone "suckling" a cock.


    EDIT: I forgot to mention that I've also never heard the term "shitlike," although it is quite interesting. ;)
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2010
  9. xxima New Member

    Catalan, Spanish (Spain)

    It's just that in Spain we swear with different words, en este caso yo diría algo así como
    "me suda lo que digas gilipollas de mierda, me cago en tu puta madre puto soplapollas"
  10. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    Me la pelas no es me masturbas. Me la pelas es una manera muy desafiante, retadora de decirle a alguien que es inferior. Quiere decir que le descubres el glande retrayendo el prepucio. El comentario es mexicanísimo.

  11. Aserolf

    Aserolf Senior Member

    Español - México
    La pregunta la entendí, pero las palabras que resalté en rosa, no :confused:. Aunque imagino su significado ;).
    Muy de acuerdo en que el comentario es 100% mexicanísimo... lamentablemente :eek:!
  12. stretch

    stretch Senior Member

    Good insight, but in English this meaning is somewhat implied, although we could change "you can jack me off" to "you can suck my dick," where the reference to superiority is less implicit and more obvious.
  13. SaritaSarang

    SaritaSarang Senior Member

    English - United States
    me la pelas = you suck my dick
    pinche pendejo de mierda = fucking asshole ( de mierda means of shit and has no translation in this context because it really makes no sense)
    vas y chingas a tu puta madre = go fuck your mom
    pinche mamavergas = fucking cocksucker

    This is definitely Mexican type cussing. It's not really confusing because the only thing here that is really open to different translations is me la pelas, the rest are pretty easy to get. All the Mexicans I have asked agree that me la pelas is referring to " you suck my dick" ( la referring to " la verga"), or you jack me off. (which sucking someones dick IS jacking them off.)
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  14. Joaqin Senior Member

    Spanish – Colombia
    This is going to be one of those long threads and with not much result.
    Meanwhile, we still don't know if tommygun200 intent of translation
    is good or not:

    "My translation attempt is " I want to fight and bust you hard you piece of shit asshole .
    I'm going to fuck your whore mother hard with my cock .

    It would be good for him to know how precisely he was isnulted in YouTube.
    I don't mean to be facetiuos but after 13 posts we really should have sorted
    few mexican expletives by now.

    By the way, tommygun200, gives us please some feedback,
    it would be nice to hear from you.
  15. pops91710

    pops91710 Senior Member

    Chino, California
    English, AE
    Quizás, pero entre los hombres de decendencia Mexicana aqui en los EUA me dicen que significa masturbar (jack-off) especialmente cuando se haya dicho hombre a hombre.
  16. RaulCavazos

    RaulCavazos Senior Member

    Monterrey, México
    Mexican Spanish
    Eso significa casi textualmente... pero no se usa así.

    Significa "yo te gano", "no puedes conmigo", "soy mejor que tú", "me haces los mandados"... etc...
  17. flljob

    flljob Senior Member

    México español
    Así es, parece que se lexicalizó y adquirió este sentido. En una miniencuesta casi nadie la entiende como masturbar.

  18. Lurrezko

    Lurrezko Senior Member

    Junto al mar
    Spanish (Spain) / Catalan
    En cambio en España es el sentido principal de la expresión.

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