me lo paso por el c*lo

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  1. Basenjigirl Senior Member

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    I get the gist of what this person is saying but what exactly does this phrase mean? I know it is something vulgar. Thanks in advance.

    From a newspaper interview with a singer:
    ¿Cómo valora que se trate de delincuentes a la gente que utiliza programas como el Emule?

    No lo sé. Yo creo que la piratería sí es un delito, es como robar un coche. Yo no le doy más valor a un coche que a un disco; yo un coche me lo paso por el culo.
  2. ♣sweetcamy♣ Senior Member


    Yes, it is a vulgar expression indeed, VERY vulgar.

    And in that context it means that "I don't care about it, it's not important to me" or in a more vulgar way it could be "I don't give a damn"

    Sorry for the bad words. I hope that helps
  3. outkast Senior Member

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    I´ll clean my ass with it!
  4. ♣sweetcamy♣ Senior Member

    That'd be the literal meaning :)

    But I was trying to explain the meaning, so, what you said indeed means that you don't give a damn or you don't care about it, right?
  5. outkast Senior Member

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    It means I clean my ass with it.
  6. ♣sweetcamy♣ Senior Member

    Yeah, I know, but what if you tried to explain it in other way, with other words, paraphrase it? How would it be?
  7. outkast Senior Member

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    Using the same intensity of the phrase I would say I don´t give a shit about it. Basenjil seems to have understood.
  8. ♣sweetcamy♣ Senior Member

    So I was right in what I was saying.
    Yeah, I think he did.
  9. Filis Cañí Banned

    The hills
    Triana, caló
    If we are going to get literal, there´s no butt wiping implied in the expression.

    Me lo paso por el culo.
    Me lo paso por el forro de los cojones.
    Me lo paso por el sobaco.
    Me lo paso por el arco del triunfo.
    Me lo paso por la polla.
    Me lo paso por los huevos.
    Me lo paso por la pepita del coño.
    Me lo paso por la raja del chocho.
    Etc, etc.

    All mean that I don´t give a shit for whatever. You don´t only not care for it, but you also despise it.

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