me pasé de nafta a gas oil


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Hi Hi, I was frustrated by the lack of translation of the song "Yo no se que hacer conmigo" by El cuarteto de nos so decided to give it a go. I listen to the song on repeat for hours.

¿entiendo las palabras, pero qué significan???

ya me pasé de nafta a gas oil.

Something happened with nafta, but I don't understand who's receiving the action (passed?) or the structure of this sentence and I really want to because he's commenting on my country.
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  • Hello,

    I already switched from gasoline to diesel.

    I do not really think it's related to NAFTA, but I'm not sure.
    From the DRAE:

    (Del lat. naphtha, este del gr. νάφθα, y este del acadio napṭu[m]).

    1. f. Fracción ligera del petróleo natural, obtenida en la destilación de la gasolina como una parte de esta. Sus variedades se usan como materia prima en la petroleoquímica, y algunas como disolventes.
    2. f. Arg., Par. y Ur. gasolina.
    First of all, doesen't means NAFTA as "North American Free Trade Agreement". it´s means NAFTA=GAS

    "ya me pasé de nafta a gas oil."

    It means when you have to economice and try to spend less money than before, because in our country GASOIL is cheaper than NAFTA(GAS).
    The lyric of this songs show us a bipolar person, who goes from one side to another..

    3 years later, better than never..