Me siento honrado por su presencia y compartir con él este excelente momento!


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Hi there guys!
I need some help to translate the above phrase into English.
It's related to a friend who is visiting me and I want to make it public that I am very happy for his presence.
My attempt.
I feel honored with his presence and for having this amazing time with him!
- Should it be.. for his presence or By his presence?
Any help please?
Thanks in advance
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  • kayokid

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    Personally, I would say "by".

    "With" sounds odd here but would be understood. "For" sounds dead wrong.

    Un saludo.


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    Thanks Kayo for the help. And let me know what do you think about the whole phrase. Is it okay to say 'I feel honored or I'm feeling honored'? And is it okay to say: For having this amazing time with him".
    Would there be any other way to say it?


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    I think "I feel honored" sounds better here although I can't explain why.

    I like the way you phrased the last part of the sentence.

    Let's see what others think.
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