Me siento raro

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  1. rrll New Member


    Cómo se dice en inglés: "Me siento raro"?

  2. clotimer

    clotimer Senior Member

    I feel weird es la traducción literal, pero depende a qué te refieras con "raro" ;)
  3. rrll New Member

    Poco común
  4. idiomina Senior Member

    Si una mujer lo dice, tiene que decir "me siento rara" porque es una mujer, o no porque en este caso raro es (un?) adverbo?
  5. JarmandoX Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Español, Perú
    I feel weird a menos que y espremos que no sea asi I feel gay lol
  6. delhi Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Spanish, Argentina
    I've heard in movies,
    "I feel funny", "You sound funny"... .not meaning you are funny, like a person who makes everyone laugh, or anything. It's just what I've heard.
    Of course, I may be wrong.
  7. JarmandoX Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Español, Perú
    I've heard "I feel funny" in movies also, but with the difference that mostly is used to describe how someone is feeling under the effect of anything (drugs, alcohol,etc), otherwise they most of the time use I feel weird, wait for a native
  8. idiomina Senior Member

    No you're right, funny as in "I feel funny" means "I feel weird" and it doesn't mean you feel like a weird person, or that you feel gay.
    What I'd like to know is if when a girl is talking, does she still say "me siento raro?" or "me siento rara"? I don't think it's the second one but I'm not sure.
  9. JarmandoX Senior Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Español, Perú
    me siento rara
  10. jacinta Senior Member

    USA English
    We have two kinds of funny. When someone says, "I feel funny", the response is: "Funny how? Funny haha or funny weird?"
    I feel funny is a very common way to say I feel weird but both are used. It usually means that you are on the verge of getting sick or you are at a party where you don't know anyone and you feel funny being there.
  11. delhi Senior Member

    Córdoba, Argentina
    Spanish, Argentina
    It's "Me siento rara". "Me siento raro". Rara/raro is and adjective. Like,
    "Me siento mareado". It is not an adverb.
  12. happygringa Senior Member

    English Canada
    Ya I´d say.. I feel funny or I feel weird depending on the context.. it could even be I feel sick
  13. mariposita

    mariposita Senior Member

    US, English
    Hay un montón de posibilidades:

    I feel weird.
    I feel strange.
    I feel funny.
    I feel odd.
    I feel out of place.
    I feel funky.
    I feel icky.
  14. ruru2006 Senior Member

    New York City

    I wouldn't translate funky or icky as raro
    Jazz. having an earthy, blues-based quality or character.

    having an offensive smell; evil-smelling; foul.

    Icky: repulsive or distasteful.
    excessively sweet or sentimental.
    unsophisticated or old-fashioned.
    sticky; viscid.
  15. mariposita

    mariposita Senior Member

    US, English
    Pues no se puede siempre fiar en los diccionarios... Funky se usa bastante en este contexto y con el significado de "raro" (strange, weird, off). Por cierto es muy coloquial.

    Icky es más negativo... I feel icky quiere decir que uno siente raro/mal en el sentido de que algo va mal fisicamente o psicologicamente. Suena algo gracioso o infantil.
  16. gdmarcus Senior Member

    California, USA
    English, USA
    As a native (American) English speaker, I totally agree with mariposita. There are multiple meanings, and all of those listed by mariposita fit in this context (including "icky" and "funky" - although they do have additonal meanings, as mentioned by ruru2006). In addition, I can assure you that all of these phrases are commonly said and understood in both Minnesota and California and, therefore, probably in the rest of the USA also.
  17. idiomina Senior Member

    Because of it's additional meanings, Icky would definately have a negative connotation, more negative than I feel funny. Or at least to me it does.

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