Me sorprende que estoy tan cansada hoy

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  1. languagefiend Member

    USA native of english
    Here is the sentence I found in a book I'm reading: "Me sorprende que estoy tan cansada hoy"
    I think it means "I am surprised that I am so tired today"?
    Is the spanish grammar correct, because I have a feeling that estoy should be in the subjunctive?
  2. PACOALADROQUE Senior Member

    El Puerto de Santa María (CÁDIZ-ESPAÑA)
    "Me sorprende que esté tan cansada hoy" (la correcta)

    Para el indicativo, sería:
    "Me sorprende lo cansada que estoy hoy"
  3. Agró

    Agró Senior Member

    Alta Navarra
    De acuerdo, pero lo más natural sería:
    Me sorprende estar tan cansada hoy.
  4. languagefiend Member

    USA native of english
    Wow thanks (Apparently the author of the book I'm reading is not a spanish scholar, because I caught that error and I don't even SPEAK spanish.) I just caught the error because I speak french and the languages are so similar...
    Lesson of the story: one should always go to wordreference forums before putting something in a foreign language you don't speak into a novel you're writing!!!

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