me vale madre, vete a la verga

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  1. Mankey New Member

    OK, this is from a text my ex sent me. I do not speak Spanish well and I am confused.

    Vete a fumar todos los cigarros que quieras y a ver toda la porno sucia que quieras me vale madre vete a la verga.

    I think it means: Go smoke all the cigarrettes you want and watch all the filthy porn you want, I value my mother you go to the rod?

    I am confused. Is she insulting me, is this a common saying? Is it something that is meant to sting a little bit but help me?
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  2. modulus Senior Member

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    Yes, she is insulting you.
    Me vale madre: I don’t give a shit.
    Vete a la verga: Go to hell!

    They seem to be used mostly in Mexico. Where is your ex from?
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  3. Mankey New Member

    She is from Mexico.
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  4. Nen Member

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    It's totally understandable your confusion. As Modulus said, she DID insult you. Hard. Very rudely, in my personal opinion.

    "Go to smoke all the cigarettes you want, and to see all the dirty porno you want, I don't fucking care, go to the hell".

    The expresion "vete a la verga" (I really don't believe I'm explaining this...) it's harder, really harder than "go to the hell", but it is very difficult to translate, so the interpretation would be that, but the translation suggests something worst. I'll try to do my best for you, word by word, I'm sure you will get the idea:

    Vete = Go
    a la = to the
    Verga = vulgarism for referring to the penis, could be "cock" (I'm sorry...)

    Sadly, it is a common insult, very easy to understand for any Spanish speaker, without being Mexicans.

    I hope this thread don't be deleted due to the words here. Just trying to help!
  5. dperry3128 Senior Member

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    Since "Vete a la verga" is stronger than "go to hell", perhaps a good translation is "you can fucking go to hell". The F word doesn't really have any literal meaning when used like this. It just makes the whole phrase a stronger, more offensive insult.
  6. Lagartija

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    Or maybe "Go fuck yourself" for Vete a la verga. For "go to hell", wouldn't it have a form closer to, mandar al demonio?

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