meander = exhibir ?


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I would like to know wich verb (shold sound like [mı'ændəʳ] or somethink like this) could be used when someone is walking (for example in the beach) in order to show oneself off. I heard someone saying something like 'meander...' and I thought that it would mean "show off" but I'm not sure... It would be fine to know how is called the person who is doing this action as well.

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    "meander" means to move (walk/drive/fly), but not in a straight line...maybe like the way a drunk person would walk.
    I think a good verb to use for what you want is TO STRUT. e.g. "The guy was strutting along the beach, trying to get noticed." strut=pavonearse; contonearse

    Hope this helps.


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    meander is "vagabundear"

    i.e. ir sin ningún rumbo fijo

    "juanito meandered aimlessly on the beach, at the mall, etc."

    "the stock market meandered in positive territory all morning long."

    "the stream meandered lazily through the meadow."

    in order to show oneself off, we say

    "to strut one's stuff"

    "María took off her top in order to strut her stuff in front of the lifegaurd."
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