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I'd like some help with this:
"For the purpose of translating persuasive advertisements, the various signs, their meaning and significance as well as their intertextual relationships (text and context) have to be examined in order to establish their significance and their role when translated int oanother language and culture."

I'm not sure about thouse two words because I've found that they're almost the same in one sense, but then in another they're not. So when do I use each one?
I'd really appreciate some help, not translating the whole paragraph, but those two words.


  • patin

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    Bueno, significado se utiliza cuando se refiere a un concepto o sea a lo significa una palabra.

    Significación, es el sentido con el que se utiliza esa frase o palabra.

    Pero a la hora de conjugar el verbo suena igual pues es significar, entonces muchas veces especificamos u poco más al decir "¿qué quiere decir...?"

    No sé si queda claro, espero que te ayude,