Meaning: biraz konuşayım


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Dear all,

When I say in Turkish: biraz konuşayım it means: I would like to speak a little bit. Biraz means = a little bit.

Is it also possible to say: biraz konuşmak istiyorum? Is it the same meaning?
  • orchard

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    a) Biraz konuşayım.​
    b) Biraz konuşmak istiyorum.​

    Both express basically a wish to speak but

    - (a) implies a spontaneousness and sometimes, together with spontaneousness, a reluctance (with appropriate gestures, tone of voice, etc).

    On the other hand,

    - (b) hints a readiness and determination and express more clearly the sense of having something in mind.


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    While "Biraz konuşayım" is grammatically correct and seems as a sensible phrase to mean "Let me talk a little"; it is hard to me to imagine a real life scene it is spoken...

    I think it was "Biraz konuşalım" said to an addressee "Let us talk/hold a conversation (on something) a little "; which is easily encounterable within everyday conversations .
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