Meaning of 'late' in the following context


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In the book by John Gribbin, entitled Schrodinger: the quantum revolution, I am not sure of the meaning of 'late' in the following text and what does it refer to:

Even science historian Abraham Pais, hardly known for his prurience, felt it necessary, when tring to explain in his book Inward Bound the baffling success of thirty-eight-year-old Schrodinger in December 1925, to refer to 'the remark once made to me by Weyle that Schrodinger did his great work during a late erotic outburst in his life'.
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    Schrodinger was 38 when he had his success. Success at that stage of life is considered "late" for scientists and mathematicians, who frequently do their most important work when they are younger than 38. They often make their great contributions to their fields when they are in their twenties.
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