meaning of "remind me of you" & "remind you of me?"

Discussion in 'English Only' started by EnG_newbie, Feb 22, 2011.

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    Hi guys
    English newbie is here and want to ask this question which about "remind me of you" & "remind you of me?"

    What do they mean? It is confusing me.
    Do they mean the same even if object is changed?

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    Welcome to the forum. :)

    We ask that you provide complete sentences so that we can give you a good answer -- words and phrases often change meaning depending on other words and on the context they're used in. Please give us that and we'll be glad to help.
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    This pan reminds me of you. <-- does it make sense?
    And I have no idea about meaning of "remind you of me" .
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    Thank you.

    This pan reminds me of you.
    (Makes sense; could get you in trouble if she thinks you're talking about her appearance.)
    I hope this pan will remind you of me. (One interpretation: I'm giving you this pan as a going-away gift. I hope you'll think of me whenever you burn food in it.)

    To answer your original question: the remind is the same, but the direction of the two is opposite.
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    Thank you so much of your interpretation.

    So, "reminds me of you" that is not talking about the feeling of how I feel, it is just about the appearance?

    Sorry, I didnt get what you are trying to explain "you burn food in it"

    But, basically I can understand the meaning of both.
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    No, it's about memories and feelings usually -- I was just making a very small joke about appearance.

    If the two of you lived together but now you are going separate ways and you're dividing up your shared possessions, you could say, with a sad smile, "I hope this pan reminds you of me," as you give her the pan you used to fix her favorite meal in.

    Similarly, when she hands you the matching egg cups, you can accept them and say, "These will remind me of you," because they will bring back happy memories of breakfast together on the terrace.

    Please ignore that -- bad joke and I've explained things better up above.
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    Thank you so much

    By the way, I am also from HK and now studying in Perth.

    Thanks for your great explanation. :D
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