Meaning of these words: fer shurr, toadly, toe-dully

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  1. bridgetjones

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    Could you please tell me what do "fer shurr, toadly and toedully" mean in this sentence:By 1982, the Guardian was mocking the West Coast with “It’s so awesome, I mean, fer shurr, toadly, toe-dully!”?
    Thank you very much for your answers
  2. Resa Reader

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    Well, as you see, I'm not a native speaker but I guess in this article they were simply imitating their way of speaking.

    "fer shurr" for "for sure"
    "toadly" and "toe-dully" for "totally"
  3. Funken Member

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    Resa Reader is quite right :)
  4. sdgraham

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    The above is correct. The article was mocking the crutch-like terms adopted by the inarticulate masses, incapable of creating original sentences, much of which persists today.
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  5. ewie

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    Crating them, Mr.G?:rolleyes:
  6. JamesM

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    Packed with a lot of fluff, no doubt. :)
  7. heypresto

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    And shipping them over here . . . ;)
  8. sdgraham

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    Now I'm feeling totally and awesomely boxed in for sure. :D

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