meaning of "toking on a number"


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"Uneasy Rider"

I was takin a trip out to L.A.
Toolin along in my cheverolet
Tokin on a number and diggin on the radio

The above was extracted from the lyrics of a song.

Could you help me with the underlined part?
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    One more question. "on a number" has any meaning?
    I found "toke" means smoking weeds except the meaning of "on a number".
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    Marijuana slang involves measurements. A "dime bag" was, at one time, ten dollars. A "quarter sack" was, at one time, twenty-five dollars. The price points have changed so now these terms describe portions of an ounce. I think the author intended to express that the amount being consumed was part of a larger whole without using additional slang terms describing quantity. I've never heard the phrase used colloquially, so it must be poetic in nature.


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    A number here refers to the cigarette itself -- it doesn't refer to any measurements, even on a fat doobie. :)
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