Meant a great deal to his country

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  1. Paddie Member

    English- Ireland
    a eu une influence important pour son pays..

    a eu une significance pour son pays.

    Am I totally off track here ?
  2. Flynnzane Senior Member

    french, english
    la phrase en entier! le context! please!
  3. Paddie Member

    English- Ireland
    sorry - a man who was of significance to his country , who had an important influence on that country (be it politically culturally etc.)
  4. Unapophis Member

    Lille, France
    Signification plutôt que "significance" !
  5. doinel

    doinel Senior Member

    Southern France
    France French
    Quelqu'un qui a beaucoup marqué son pays.
  6. Paddie Member

    English- Ireland
    thank you!!

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